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Management Information Systems

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Four undergraduate degrees

Biological Sciences

Biological sciences students at CMU-Q do more than study science: they learn to follow their curiosity, explore hypotheses, and contribute in a meaningful way as young scientists and researchers.

Students receive rigorous training in biology while building a strong foundation in all of the natural sciences.

Business Administration

Business administration students at CMU-Q learn quantitative decision-making, our pioneering approach to undergraduate business education.

Students learn the fundamentals through a central core of courses in the areas of business, economics, mathematics, and computing.

Computer Science

Computer science students at CMU-Q learn both the theoretical foundations and the practical knowledge to push the frontiers of the field and make a real-world impact.

Students learn the fundamentals of computer science, including mathematical reasoning, algorithmic thinking and programming.

Information Systems

Information systems students learn to design, deliver, and use information and communication technologies to solve problems for companies, governments, and society.

Students build a solid foundation in computing, communications, and software development, while also studying social sciences and organizational theory to develop critical thinking and understand the human impacts of technological change.

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A Carnegie Mellon degree

In the heart of the Middle East

Qatar Foundation’s Education City campus is a special place to learn. It’s home to branch campuses of some of the world’s leading educational institutes, a homegrown research university, startup incubators, technology parks, heritage sites, cultural institutions, and so much more.

What our alumni are saying
Read what alumni have to say about their CMU-Q experience.

Mohammed Al-Qassabi

Class of 2022

“The CMU-Q student experience is unique. Throughout your time as a student, you are encouraged to take what you learn and apply it into real life projects.”

Sabih Bin Wasi

Class of 2015

“As CMU-Q grads, we have an advantage. Our education hasn’t been about specific content, but how to learn, think and problem-solve.”

Hanna Moazam

Class of 2020

“Graduating from Computer Science at CMU-Q definitely helped me stand out. The rigor of CMU-Q set me up to succeed in my career, because we become so used to being challenged and solving problems as students.”

Fatima Amir

Class of 2016

“CMU-Q has such a big emphasis on molecular biology, that really gave me an advantage when I was in grad school. Even now as a practicing genetic counselor, it’s those concepts from undergrad that help me think critically.”

Maryem Al-Naemi

Class of 2018

“As a student, I was constantly encouraged to seek knowledge from various disciplines beyond my own. The skills I gained at university helped me become more innovative and technology-focused.”

Reem Al-Haddad

Class of 2021

“CMU-Q taught me the true meaning of belonging, nurtured me, and prepared me for the real world.”

We are Tartans!

Your life as a CMU-Q student is about exploring new interests, making new friends, and figuring out where your career path will lead.

At CMU-Q, learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. This is your undergraduate education—your time to discover what you love.

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Tuition on the Qatar campus is the same as the Pittsburgh campus in the United States. Five types of financial aid are available, depending on the student’s nationality, financial need and academic merit:

Need-based grant program for students of all nationalities

Qatar Foundation provides a world-class financial aid program for admitted students to Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. The QF need-based grant program for CMU Qatar provides grant aid to students of all nationalities through the financial generosity of Qatar Foundation. Grants (aid with no repayment) of up to the full cost of attendance are made to families based on their unique financial circumstances.

The QF need-based grant program provides an outstanding opportunity for all students to receive funding for their studies at CMU-Q.

Please do not submit your grant application until AFTER you have submitted the Common App.

Important information regarding the grant application process can be found on this page:

Need-based financial aid for U.S. citizens

Please note that U.S. citizens, and some non-citizens (ex. green card holders) are eligible for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) to support your studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. There are different types of funding within FAFSA, including grants (no repayment) and loans.

We would advise all U.S. citizens to apply for FAFSA by following these instructions and filling out this Verification Worksheet. If you are not a U.S. citizen, but think you might be eligible, please check the information on this site to see if you could be eligible:

If you are applying for need-based grants through the CMU-Q QF grant program, please understand that all US citizens will be required to apply for FAFSA aid before CMU-Q will release the Final Award Letter. This is required to avoid students receiving more need based aid than they would be appropriately eligible for. Eligible FAFSA aid will be included into the Final Award Letter amount from CMU-Q.

Qatar Foundation Merit Scholarship program

Qatar Foundation’s Merit Scholarship program awards a limited number of Merit Scholarships annually to students who have spent at least two semesters in one of the Education City’s branch campuses. Students who have achieved a 3.6 GPA or above during their studies in Education City are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Selection is not guaranteed as the number of available scholarships changes each year. For details regarding the application cycle and requirements,  please contact the Qatar Foundation Scholarship Office or visit their website.

Academic merit scholarships

A limited number of merit scholarships are awarded annually by CMU-Q to the most academically promising applicants. These awards can be combined with need-based grants from the CMU-Q QF grant program. To be considered for merit scholarships, students should submit the CMU-Q QF grant application. Students are notified of any merit scholarship awards at the same time they receive their initial Financial Award Letter from CMU-Q. Awards are made in a similar manner to our admission decisions with a holistic process involving many factors.

Qatari and GCC citizens

For Qatari citizens and citizens of other GCC countries, government scholarships and/or company sponsorships typically cover the full cost of attendance. Qatari nationals should contact the Scholarship Office of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOE&HE) at +974 4404 4971 or visit their website for further information.

First-year students entering Fall 20231
Tuition US$ 62,260 QAR 227,249
Orientation fee (fall semester only) US$ 555 QAR 2,026
Activity fee US$ 288 QAR 1,051
Technology fee US$ 460 QAR 1,679
Books US$ 300 QAR 1,095
Health insurance2 US$ 820 QAR 3,000
Total tuition and fees3 US$ 64,683 QAR 236,100
1 CMU-Q utilizes a fixed exchange rate of QAR 3.65 = 1 USD for Tuition and Fees. 2 Health Insurance is subject to change following negotiations with the provider. 3 The Enrollment deposit of USD 1,000 will be credited towards Tuition and Fees.

Important dates for August 2024 Enrollment

All standardized testing should be taken before the application deadline.

November 1

Early decision deadline.

Apply today

January 15

Regular decision deadline.

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We evaluate applications holistically, which means we do not determine if a student is admitted based on a single grade or test score. Instead, we undergo a complete review of all secondary school grades, standardized test results, recommendation letters, the personal essay and the interview before we make a final admission decision.

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Applications for Carnegie Mellon are now being accepted. Applications are submitted using the Common AppThe deadline for Fall 2024 applications is January 15.

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